Saturday, November 1, 2008

8 things about Amah, My First Rottweiler

My name is Amah, and I am a Rottweiler. First a little history of the Rottweiler:

The origin of the Rottweiler is not a documented record. Actual history and reasonable supposition indicate that the Rottweiler is descended from one of the drover dogs indigenous to ancient Rome. This drover dog has been described by various accredited sources to have been of the Mastiff type, with great intelligence, rugged, dependable, willing to work and with a strong guarding instinct.


  1. I have papers and come from championship bloodlines, but I’m really not one to brag…. Well I was adopted by this nice lady you call Rottlady. I was a scrawny runt only 8 weeks old, I was scared of almost everything. She brought me to a place that had other dogs around, a small long thing they named Brandy (dachshund) and this big shaggy thing called Jake (collie-shepherd mix) he was really handsome and I got a crush on him right away! They were both nice and welcomed me to the neighborhood.
    They also had a black cat named Miss Kitty, she didn’t like me much at first….

  2. My name comes from a word that means a nurse or servant in Asia. I tried to live up to my moniker my whole life. My mom says I did a really good job of that!

  3. I grew really fast and loved my home. We had a great backyard to play in that even had a pond to jump in! I got to go everywhere with my mom and meet lots of people and other dogs. We even went to parades! I dressed up in green for St. Patty Day, and wore a red hat for the Christmas Parade! I loved seeing all the kids and they loved me too!

  4. When I got to be old enough, my mom introduced me to my first boyfriend and we really got along well. So well we had a litter of puppies 2 months later! I had 10 puppies, but unfortunately 2 died the first day, that was sad, but I had a whole lot to do which helped take my mind off the loss. I can tell you these puppies grew fast, sometimes more than a pound a day! I was wore out fast, but my mom helped and we taught them to eat solid food in only 3 weeks, boy was I relieved…. I don’t want to brag, but these puppies where just the bees knees! They were even self trained to go to the other side of the whelping box to do their thing in just a week! I kid you not, they would crawl away to do their thing away from where they were sleeping….Of course, I had to clean them up a little, but I didn’t mind.

  5. The kids grew really fast and it wasn’t long before they went to new homes. I was so glad my mom decided to keep two of my best girls, Aurora, my first born, and Delilah, my forth born. They were the apple of my eye and grew up to be much prettier than I, it must have been because their father was so good looking!

  6. I had a second litter a little over a year later, but it was not such a happy event as I had trouble and lost all but 3 of my puppies. One died before it was born, and caused my milk to be bad. My mom had to keep the puppies from nursing on me so she fed those puppies artificial milk through a tube every 3 hours for the first 2 weeks! I was really sad, but I helped all I could. I did the cleaning and kept them warm as soon as I could. Thankfully they grew fast and were on puppy cereal soon so mom could sleep. They were such sweet puppies, but a little spoiled because of all the special treatment they got! My daughter Aurora was a really good wet nurse for them and taught them everything she knew about being a good dog. It was good training for her. Delilah was just a little too high strung but she loved her little step-siblings all the same.

    Here is a description of how to tube feed a puppy and also a video:

  7. I think my favorite and proudest time was when my daughter Aurora had her litter of puppies, you know it’s always easier to care for the grandkids. She was a great mother and had 6 of the cutest little things I’ve ever seen! She even allowed me to care for them when she got tired or just wanted to go out for a while. I was always happy to lay around in the whelping box and kiss those cute little babies.

  8. I lived a long and happy 9 years with my family near me, unfortunately I got sick and had to ask my mom to do something that made her really sad, but I loved her for making the difficult decision.

Saturday Miscellaneous

Just a few things this morning. I was all ready to hand out candy last night but just as in the last few years I had no visitors! I guess I'll just have to eat the candy myself...Oh goodie.

I was made aware of something special happening in out skys. A close encounter of Venus and the moon. I went out to see if I could get a picture but I was just a little too late. The moon had slipped below the tree line. But if you go out tonight you might get to see it. Here is a link to a NASA site that tells you what you might see. Good luck and happy sky watching! I'm including a picture I took a couple of months ago of an evening moon sighting I had.

We are finally seeing some leaves changing colors here, they say this is the peak week for seeing the beautiful colors that nature treats us to every fall. This next picture is what I see out my door.

I'm cooking a pot of beans this morning, I bought a 15-bean mix a while back and decided that today was a bean day. I've got them on soak at the moment and will put them together with all the fixing about noon to start cooking. Yum, I can't wait!

Well I guess I'll go watch a movie on cable for a while. Thanks for stopping in to read and happy sky watching tonight!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Morning

It is something like 26°F this morning. I guess I should have brought in my Mums but they were on the way out anyway... I've noticed that the birds seem to be eating more, and I have had more stopping by than usual. I guess they are trying to put on some fat to keep warm. I snapped this picture of a female Northern Cardinal yesterday, it's so hard to catch them in a picture. They are too wary and will fly away if they see me move inside.

I ended up getting the post office to deliver my ballot yesterday after all, I nearly had to sign my life away to get it from the postman. They want to make sure you are who you say you are I guess. Well I voted and sealed it back up and it's ready to mail today. I'll try to catch him again or I'll have to go to a mail box later. There aren't any outgoing boxes close to me. All we have are these apartment boxes that have 12 smallish boxes for incoming mail. You can put a regular size outgoing letter in there, but there isn't room for this ballot.

I received the book I ordered, "The Ultimate Rice Coober Cookbook" . It's jammed packed with receipes and a really good chapter on choosing and the use of the cookers. I almost wish I had gotten this before I bought the cooker, I might have chosen one with few more features on it. It is just so easy to use, I'm making oatmeal right now as I write this. Just measure out the oats and water, add a little cinamon and some fruit in the steamer basket and turn it on! About 20 mins later and I'll be eating. As a matter of fact, I think it's ready now. So I'm off to eat!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

I'm having trouble deciding what to write this morning, so I'm just going to start and see where this goes.

It's really chilly outside right now, 30F and the wind chill is something like 20. I guess Fall is really here. It won't be long before we have snow....Although I really don't mind the snow too much. It always makes things so peaceful. I'm adding a picture of last nights sunset, the wind had picked up and it was getting pretty chilly when I took this. I didn't stay out very long.

One week left of this political madness. Thank heavens! I will be so glad when it's finally over and things can get back to normal. I ordered a ballot in the mail so I could vote early and the darn thing came while I was gone and the postman left me a card. Now I have to go to the post office because it's Certified Mail or fill out this card and wait for him to bring it back. What a hassle! It's getting so close to the deadline I'll probably have to take it to the Courthouse once I've voted now anyway. I'm not so sure that it would have just been easier to go to the Polling place like everyone else on Nov. 4th.

Well I guess I better get on with my day. Maybe I'll have more to add later.