Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Miscellaneous

Just a few things this morning. I was all ready to hand out candy last night but just as in the last few years I had no visitors! I guess I'll just have to eat the candy myself...Oh goodie.

I was made aware of something special happening in out skys. A close encounter of Venus and the moon. I went out to see if I could get a picture but I was just a little too late. The moon had slipped below the tree line. But if you go out tonight you might get to see it. Here is a link to a NASA site that tells you what you might see. Good luck and happy sky watching! I'm including a picture I took a couple of months ago of an evening moon sighting I had.

We are finally seeing some leaves changing colors here, they say this is the peak week for seeing the beautiful colors that nature treats us to every fall. This next picture is what I see out my door.

I'm cooking a pot of beans this morning, I bought a 15-bean mix a while back and decided that today was a bean day. I've got them on soak at the moment and will put them together with all the fixing about noon to start cooking. Yum, I can't wait!

Well I guess I'll go watch a movie on cable for a while. Thanks for stopping in to read and happy sky watching tonight!

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