Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Morning

It is something like 26°F this morning. I guess I should have brought in my Mums but they were on the way out anyway... I've noticed that the birds seem to be eating more, and I have had more stopping by than usual. I guess they are trying to put on some fat to keep warm. I snapped this picture of a female Northern Cardinal yesterday, it's so hard to catch them in a picture. They are too wary and will fly away if they see me move inside.

I ended up getting the post office to deliver my ballot yesterday after all, I nearly had to sign my life away to get it from the postman. They want to make sure you are who you say you are I guess. Well I voted and sealed it back up and it's ready to mail today. I'll try to catch him again or I'll have to go to a mail box later. There aren't any outgoing boxes close to me. All we have are these apartment boxes that have 12 smallish boxes for incoming mail. You can put a regular size outgoing letter in there, but there isn't room for this ballot.

I received the book I ordered, "The Ultimate Rice Coober Cookbook" . It's jammed packed with receipes and a really good chapter on choosing and the use of the cookers. I almost wish I had gotten this before I bought the cooker, I might have chosen one with few more features on it. It is just so easy to use, I'm making oatmeal right now as I write this. Just measure out the oats and water, add a little cinamon and some fruit in the steamer basket and turn it on! About 20 mins later and I'll be eating. As a matter of fact, I think it's ready now. So I'm off to eat!

Thanks for stopping by!