Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where arte thou brave? Memorial Day Poem 2009

America, the land of the free,
But where arte thou brave?
Some still walk among us,
Others sent to an early grave.

They're the ones who answered,
Their nations call to serve.
The ones who protected,
More than we deserve.

They defended our rights,
Yes, every last one,
Even to speak like an idiot,
Or to own a gun.

They kept us safe at night,
And all through the day,
Combating foreign and domestic,
And kept the enemy at bay

They were our sons and daughters,
Who we've raised from birth.
Whose virtue, honor and sacrifice,
Is now lost in the Earth.

They were our brothers and sisters,
Both younger and older,
With out them in our lives,
The world is far colder.

They were our husbands and wives,
Sent to fight in the war,
Whose love and compassion,
Will be felt no more.

They were our fathers and mothers,
Who wanted to protect,
Their children and loved ones,
So pay your respects.

Pay your respects,
To the ones who were lost,
Our freedom came with price,
Their lives were the cost.

I wrote this to honor my fallen comrades both past and present. May they rest in peace.
Cpl Craig, USMC 2001-2005
Dreadspydr 5-22-09

This was written by a friend of mine over on Newsvine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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