Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Smoke Free with More Cash in My Wallet!

Just over a week ago I quit smoking. I've been staying away from the computer lately because it is a trigger for me. Before, when I sat down at the computer I would light up a cigarette. It was just something I would do, whether I needed to smoke or not. Now when I sit down over here, my eyes will dart to the spot where the cigarettes were before I remember I quit. But I'm feeling stronger now and it gets better everyday.

This is what they should put on every pack

I was a little stupid, ok maybe a lot stupid and started smoking when I was 40 Who does that? I mean, I made a conscience decision to start, and did. I know....that was really pretty stupid.

So, after almost 15 years of a nasty habit that caused my house to smell bad, my clothes to smell bad, and probably made me smell bad, I quit!

Stamp out nasty ashtrays and poison cigs!

The impetus for me to stop was money related. I decided I didn't want to spend another 1$ a pack for them. As you probably already know the Feds just raised taxes on all tobacco products, also the States tacked on their own tax increase and what used to cost me 25$ a carton went up to I think almost 50$ a carton! I don't know the exact figure because I quit before I had to pay it.

This is what my method was to quitting, I don't know if it would work for everyone but it did for me. When I made my decision to quit I still had a couple of packs left. I decided to smoke them as fast as I could, hopefully to make myself a little tired and maybe a little sick...

I think it pretty much worked because by the time I was done with the supply I had I was ready to stop. When they were all gone, I picked up all the ash trays I had in the house and washed them, picked up all the lighters I had around and put them away.

Then I took out the trash in each room to clear out any possible butts. I aired out the house as best I could and also sprayed all the furniture with that Febreze stuff.

The cigarette smell has not totally left the apartment, but it is a little better and as soon as it warms up I will be opening all the windows and really airing it out. I also plan on asking my landlord if I supply the paint if she will paint my apartment. I've been here over 3 years and hopefully she will do that for me. If not, I'm going to have it done myself.

For a reward, my Sister and I went shopping and I purchased a new bracelet and a couple of rings. They didn't cost much more than a couple of weeks of smokes, they won't give me cancer and will last so much longer. We discussed that as long as I didn't turn this into my new habit that I should do alright. Actually, tomorrow I'm going to the bank and increasing my monthly savings deposit by the equivalent amount of a half month's cigarettes. Now I think that's really good news!
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