Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your Kindness is Almost Overwhelming

My title really says it all. I have been overwhelmed at the kindness of my friends here on the vine and over on my blog. I recently posted an article asking for prayers for my brother Dadio51 and the outpouring of love, kind comments and offers of help have brought me to my knees. You all are just the greatest!

My Brothers surgery is over and now we have to wait for him to recover. I can tell you that it is not easy watching our beloved Brother, Father and Friend laying there in bed so frail and incapacitated. There have been a few set backs but also a lot of good signs that he is on the mend. It is just going to take a whole lot of time for him to heal and return to us as he was.

The purpose of this article to tell each and everyone of you Thanks! Thanks for all your emails, comments and offers of help and support. You really don't know what that means to me and to my family.
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