Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roofers Don't Take Sunday Off???

I was really hoping that they would take the day off, but noooo! I hear them up there once again, right now they are up there walking around and sweeping I think. At least that's what it sounds like.

We had a dusting of snow last night, it's cold, about 32° F. I almost feel sorry for them. Well maybe that's a lie. I feel sorry for myself and fellow neighbors. We are going to have to listen to them pounding all day again!

Even my birds are unhappy with this, yesterday I noticed all of my feeders had been taken down! No one asked me, just all of a sudden there were a whole bunch of empty hangers! At the time there was a truck and trailer parked right in front of my window. They were taking off the old shingles and the paper underneath and shoveling it into the trailer out my window. I guess they were concerned they might damage the feeders, so they moved them.

I went out and retrieved the feeders and brought them inside so the tray feeders might not get asphalt junk in them. I just put them back outside and you would believe how quick the birds found them! I guess they were hungry. They must be depending on me more than I thought.

This guy came early today.

These guys aren't afraid of anything!

However now that the roofers are back, I'm sure the birds won't stick around. I hope they at least got something to fill their little bellies...

Better eat fast guys!

I guess it's true, The early bird gets the worm!
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